Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm generally a fan of doing good things for the environment and the world - especially if I can make a snarky comment about it.  When I stumbled upon this site, it was just a head scratcher.  Apparently Green is now Kosher.  So buying a low emission vehicle is Kosher.

Well, taking steps to make the world a little better - sure, call it a mitzvah, but Kosher designation?  Get me a rabbi, so we can both make fun of this.

But it gets better. is plugging low emission cars - fine - good for them.  But they go one step further, and give the reasons why.  And I'll take the liberty of cutting and pasting from their site.

Here are 8 reasons why Jews (and like-minded people) should step-up to a special responsibility to reduce oil dependence by only driving kosher cars.
Because oil dependence and climate change are serious problems, these 8 reasons are deliberately facetious -- yet have some serious undertones.

Jews should drive kosher cars because:
8) It's what Moses (and Jesus) would do.
7) It will enable you to forgive yourself for all those years you drove gas-guzzling, earth-polluting cars.
6) Mentches drive kosher cars.
5) You'll be a car maven and role-model in your community -- your Jewish mother will kveln and your friends will admire you.
4) Hummers and gas-guzzling SUVs are gehshtorbin.
3) You won't feel guilty for driving treyf in traffic.
2) Driving a kosher car is a mitsve.
1) The number 1 reason for buying a kosher car is, it's the right thing to do...
(Because Moses and Jesus drive green)

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